HanuMan, recognized as the inaugural Telugu superhero film, garnered significant attention even prior to its official debut.

Source: Digital-Hindi.com

Upon its official release, the film generated ₹8.05 crore in total revenue , Both Telugu and Hindi Version

The movie collected ₹12.53 crore on the first Saturday. This included ₹8.4 crore from the Telugu version and ₹4.13 crore from the Hindi version.

Hanuman Movie Day 2 Collection

HanuMan Box Office Collection : ₹23.5 crore worldwide in Two Days

Hanuman Movie Review

According to The Hindustan Times, the film unfolds at a leisurely pace before delving into the core narrative.

Noteworthy hilarity ensues, courtesy of characters like Srinu, Satya, a monkey named Koti (Ravi Teja), and others.

In December, the film’s trailer was unveiled, receiving positive responses from viewers. The trailer showcased the transformation of an ordinary individual who unexpectedly acquires superpowers,