HanuMan Box Office Collection Day 2: Hit Box Office at Saturday

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HanuMan, recognized as the inaugural Telugu superhero film, garnered significant attention even prior to its official debut. The exclusive paid premiere, tailored for Telugu audiences, raked in ₹4.15 crore on Thursday. Upon its official release, the film generated ₹8.05 crore in total revenue, with ₹5.89 crore originating from the Telugu audience, and the Hindi version contributing ₹2.1 crore to the box office.

HanuMan Box Office Collection

HanuMan Box Office Collection Day 2: HanuMan, starring Teja Sajja in the lead role, saw a 55.65% jump in its Box Office Collection on the second day. The movie collected ₹12.53 crore on the first Saturday. This included ₹8.4 crore from the Telugu version and ₹4.13 crore from the Hindi version.

With ₹14.05 crore Gross Box Office Collection in India and ₹9.45 crore from the overseas market, the movie has collected ₹23.5 crore worldwide.

HanuMan Box Office Collection : ₹23.5 crore worldwide in Two Days

Hanuman Movie Review

Hanuman Movie Review

According to The Hindustan Times, the film unfolds at a leisurely pace before delving into the core narrative. Noteworthy hilarity ensues, courtesy of characters like Srinu, Satya, a monkey named Koti (Ravi Teja), and others. Sunishith and Rakesh Master make cameo appearances, referencing their viral performances on YouTube. The film gains momentum when the protagonist, Hanumanthu, discovers his extraordinary abilities, leading to entertaining exploits.

In December, the film’s trailer was unveiled, receiving positive responses from viewers. The trailer showcased the transformation of an ordinary individual who unexpectedly acquires superpowers, revealing newfound strength. Embracing his abilities, he confronts a formidable supervillain, transforming an ordinary life into an extraordinary battle between good and evil. As a pan-India, multilingual production, “HanuMan” aims to captivate audiences across diverse cultures and regions.

About Hanuman Movie

Teja Sajja shared insights into his latest superhero sci-fi film during an interview with news agency ANI. Expressing his enthusiasm for the project, he remarked, “The prospect of working on a superhero film has been thrilling for me from the outset and remains so throughout the entire process. The storyline revolves around a young boy who acquires superpowers through the divine intervention of Lord Hanuman. It delves into how he endeavors to defend his people and uphold his faith.”

Elaborating further, he noted, “The film incorporates entertaining superhero action sequences aimed at captivating a young audience, along with ample doses of comedy. Simultaneously, we’ve interwoven our Indian history, or ‘itihaas,’ with the superhero theme, making it a highly enjoyable cinematic experience.”

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