The True Story Behind Netflix’s New Thriller Series

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  • The Nurse is a Danish thriller on Netflix that tells the story of a nurse who suspects her colleague of causing the deaths of healthy patients through cardiac arrest.
  • The show delves into the relationship between newly qualified nurse, Pernille, and her seasoned coworker, Christina, as they navigate their roles in the fast-paced emergency room.
  • Pernille becomes increasingly suspicious as she observes a trend of patient fatalities and disappearing medication, leading her to gather substantial proof to confront Christina with her allegations.

Netflix New Thriller Web Series

A new biographical film about a psychopathic nurse who kills patients has been added to Netflix and is rapidly climbing the streaming platform’s top 10 TV shows. The Danish suspenseful series, The Nurse, tells the gripping tale of a “angel of death” who works at a Danish hospital. Suspicion arises when seemingly healthy patients start dying from unrelated heart attacks.

Based on Kristian Corfixen’s book, The Nurse: The True Story Behind One Of Scandinavia’s Most Notorious Criminal Trials, the show stars Fanny Louise Bernth as Pernille Kurzmann, a recent nursing school graduate working her first job. The story is narrated from her perspective as she quickly befriends Christina Aistrup Hansen (Josephine Park), a seasoned ER nurse at Nykobing Falster Hospital. The series is reminiscent of the 2022 Netflix movie, The Good Nurse, starring Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne, but condensed into four episodes running less than an hour, wasting no time in delving into the character and the chilling true events that transpired from 2012-2015.

The Nurse TV Show Poster
The Nurse

A new nurse at a hospital begins to suspect that her colleague’s desire for attention might be tied to a series of patient deaths.

Release Date April 27, 2023

Genres Crime , Drama , Biography

Cast Fanny Louise Bernth , Josephine Park , Peter Zandersen , Dick Kaysø

Seasons 1

Who Are Pernille and Christina?

Pernille, a single mother and new nurse, arrives nervously at Nykobing Falster Hospital, eager to start her job in the busy emergency room. She quickly gets to know the other hospital staff and familiarizes herself with her new role. Her colleagues are all friendly and work together as a cohesive team to handle urgent cases. Before she can even put on her name tag, there is a code blue emergency call, setting the pace for the tense story. Pernille soon becomes part of the team and forms a close working relationship with a seasoned nurse named Christina, who thrives on the excitement of the emergency room. Despite this, Christina is an excellent nurse and often has extensive knowledge in diagnosing and treating patients, sometimes even more than the doctors. They start working the late night shift together and become good friends. Christina guides Pernille through her new role, and they affectionately refer to themselves as “the dream team” after successfully saving multiple patients from life-threatening illnesses and cardiac arrest.

Something Is Strange About Christina

The Nurse effectively maintains a brisk pace throughout the four-part limited miniseries. Each scene serves to advance the story and develop the tone and the two main character arcs. After initially working closely with Christina, Pernille begins to notice a significant increase in young patients with no history of heart-related issues or non-life-threatening illnesses experiencing sudden bouts of acute cardiac arrest. Christina thrives under stress, particularly in life-and-death situations requiring life-saving CPR techniques and adrenaline shots to restart patients’ hearts. While some patients are revived, many do not survive, taking a toll on Pernille as she adjusts to the fast-paced ER environment. Despite the unusually high death rate, Christina appears indifferent, dismissing it as just part of the job.

New ‘The Nurse’ Trailer Shows a Tension-Filled Hunt to Expose the Truth

The Danish crime series stars Josephine Park and Fanny Louise Bernth.

Pernille’s Suspicions Start to Grow

Josephine Park as Christina Aistrup and Fanny Louise Bernth as Pernille Kurzmann talking near a hospital bed in The Nurse.
Image viaetfli

After witnessing multiple patients being stabilized only to go into cardiac arrest and die during her and Christina’s night shifts, Pernille starts to suspect a possible correlation between the deaths. She also notices that doses of morphine and diazepam are missing, and realizes that the lack of strict medication monitoring in Denmark makes it difficult to track what is being taken and when. This less regulated system poses a challenge in catching unethical nurses and physicians, unlike the case of Charles Cullen in The Good Nurse. Pernille understands that she will need strong evidence to support her accusations if she plans to expose Christina, who is well-respected and accomplished.

At First, Pernille is Not Believed

Fanny Louise Bernth as Pernille Kurzmann making an urgent phone call in Season 1, Episode 4 of The Nurse.
Image via Netflix 

When Pernille raises her concerns about the deaths, missing drugs, and Christina’s strange behavior to hospital administrators, she is dismissed and advised not to spread unsubstantiated gossip. It’s only after she begins a romantic relationship with a doctor at the hospital who supports her claims that the hospital finally starts to investigate the more than 20 deaths that occurred while Christina was working at Nykobing Falster Hospital. Without his backing, Christina might never have been exposed. Following a thorough investigation, detectives concluded that Christina Aistrup Hansen had been administering deadly doses of both morphine and diazepam (Valium) directly into the patients’ bloodstream, causing their respiratory rates to slow and leading to cardiac arrest.

The director of The Nurse, Kasper Barfoed, remarked about the true story: “Many individuals had their suspicions or witnessed something, but it was the new nurse, who was in her first job, that not only sensed something was amiss but also took action and risked everything.” Kurzmann is still employed at Nykobing Hospital.

The Nurse is currently streaming on Netflix in the U.S.

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