The Kerala Story OTT release date: Adah Sharma’s Blockbuster Movie Watch Online

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The Kerala Story OTT: Sudipto Sen’s The Kerala Story created a lot of excitement when it was released and achieved great success at the Box Office. Now, it is ready to start streaming on Zee5, beginning from 16th February.

Taking to Instagram, Adah shared the exciting news with her fans and captioned the post, which read, “FINALLY !!!!! SURPRISE !!The most anticipated film is dropping soon on ZEE5!#TheKeralaStory premieres on 16th February, only on #ZEE5.”

The Kerala Story OTT release date

In June 2023, Sen denied reports that the film was ready for streaming, stating that they had not received suitable offers from any OTT platforms. The creators of Kerala Story also alleged that the film industry had conspired against them due to their box office success. Sen told Rediff, “So far, we have not received any offers worth considering. It seems that the film industry has united to punish us.” When asked why they were being punished, Sen responded, “Our box office success has upset many in the film industry. We believe that a portion of the entertainment industry has come together to punish us for our success.”

Director Sudipto Sen expressed his thoughts on the OTT release, stating that addressing a sensitive topic and turning it into a film was a significant challenge that they willingly took on. He also mentioned that every filmmaker seeks validation for their work, and the box office success of The Kerala Story was his reassurance and satisfaction to continue believing in himself. For those who have not yet seen the film, he encouraged them to watch it on ZEE5 for a transformative experience. He emphasized that the film sheds light on the harsh reality of the situation, with real stories, faces, and consequences, offering a unique cinematic experience for viewers. This is what, according to industry experts, made the film an “unprecedented blockbuster”.

About The Kerala Story Movie

The movie depicts the tale of three young women: Shalini (Adah Sharma), Nimah (Yogita Bihani), and Geetanjali (Siddhi Idnani), who are influenced by their roommate, Asifa (Sonia Balani), to change their religious beliefs. The film is split into two parts: the first half illustrates how the girls were persuaded to convert to a different religion, while the second half follows Shalini’s transformation into Fatima Ba – a member of a militant group, and her subsequent capture in Afghanistan.

It also portrays the coercion of men to pursue Hindu and Christian women in Kerala, convert them, and recruit them for conflict zones. These alarming events took place between 2018-19, as an increasing number of young people in Kerala fell under the sway of a militant organization.

Ever since the release of its trailer, “The Kerala Story” has been the subject of scrutiny. The trailer of the film claimed that 32,000 women had gone missing from Kerala, but this estimate was met with objections from many. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee criticized it as a ‘distorted story’ and initially banned the film in the state. However, the ban was lifted after the Supreme Court instructed the state government to allow the film to be screened. “The Kerala Story” has proven to be one of the most successful films at the box office in 2023 thus far.

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