One of the Best Nintendo Switch Games Is $1.99 for Christmas

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One of the top-rated Nintendo Switch games is currently available at a special Christmas and holiday season price of just $1.99. What’s more, numerous other Nintendo Switch games on the eShop have also been marked down to this incredibly low price, making them some of the most affordable options on the digital storefront. While many of these discounted games might not be well-known or of interest to most players, there are some noteworthy deals to explore. Beyond the mentioned offer for one of the best Nintendo Switch games, there are several other notable discounts waiting to be discovered.

It seems like you’re mentioning a deal for the game “Inside” on Nintendo Switch, which is currently discounted to $1.99. “Inside” is indeed a highly acclaimed game developed by Playdead, known for its atmospheric and thought-provoking gameplay. The game originally received positive reviews for its art style, puzzles, and narrative.

If you’re interested in getting more information or recommendations on other discounted Nintendo Switch games, feel free to ask!

$1.99 Nintendo Switch Games on Nintendo eShop


About: “Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project. Inside is a dark, narrative-driven platformer combining intense action with challenging puzzles. It has been critically acclaimed for its moody art style, ambient soundtrack and unsettling atmosphere.”

FAR Lone Sails

About: “FAR: Lone Sails is a vehicle adventure game. It’s just you and your machine vs. the big nothing. Traverse a dried-out seabed littered with the remains of a decaying civilization. Keep your unique vessel going, overcome numerous obstacles and withstand the hazardous weather conditions. How far can you make it? What will you find?”


About: “Uncertain of his sister’s fate, a boy enters Limbo. Limbo is an award-winning indie adventure, critically acclaimed for its captivating puzzle design and immersive sound and visuals. Its dark, misty spaces and haunting narrative will stay with you forever.”

The First Tree

About: “The First Tree” is a third-person exploration game that revolves around two intertwined narratives: the quest of a fox searching for her lost family, and a son’s attempt to reconnect with his estranged father in Alaska. Players assume control of the fox, embarking on a moving and visually stunning journey that reaches its peak at the origin of life, potentially leading to a deeper comprehension of death. Along the path, players can discover artifacts and narratives from the son’s life as he becomes entwined with the fox’s odyssey toward The First Tree.

Stories Untold

About: “Stories Untold is a narrative-driven experimental adventure game, that bends the genre into something completely unique. Combining a mix of classic text-adventure, point-and-click and more, 4 short stories are packaged together into a single mysterious anthology.”

Planet Alpha

About: “Planet Alpha, a beautiful alien world filled with mystery and danger. Pursued by relentless enemies, you must harness the power of night and day as you struggle to survive.”

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