NYT Connections Today: See Hints And Answers For January 13

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If you’re solely interested in today’s puzzle solution, you can skip to the end of this article for the January 13 Connections solution. However, if you prefer to solve it independently, continue reading for helpful clues, tips, and strategies.

What is Connections?

Connections, the most recent word game from The New York Times, has captured widespread attention. This engaging game revolves around uncovering the “common threads between words.” Similar to Wordle, Connections resets daily after midnight, presenting increasingly challenging word sets. To assist you in overcoming these challenges, we’ve provided hints and tips.

Acknowledging associate puzzle editor Wyna Liu for her contribution, The Times highlights Connections as a social media sensation within their Games section. Playable on both web browsers and mobile devices, the game prompts players to categorize four words that share a commonality.

Each puzzle comprises 16 words, divided into four categories. These categories can encompass diverse topics like book titles, software, country names, etc. Despite the apparent connections between multiple words, only one correct answer exists. Successfully identifying all four words in a set results in their removal from the board, while an incorrect guess counts as a mistake—players have up to four chances before the game concludes.

For added convenience, players can rearrange and shuffle the board to facilitate spotting connections. The color-coded difficulty levels, ranging from yellow (easiest) to green, blue, and purple, enhance the gaming experience. Similar to Wordle, players can share their results on social media, adding a social element to the enjoyable word game.

Today Wordle Answer and Hints

Here’s a hint for today’s Connections categories

Looking for a clue about the categories without outright revealing them? Give these a shot:

  • Yellow: How to get into an event
  • Green: To lord over
  • Blue: Football lingo
  • Purple: To delay

Here are today’s Connections categories

Need a little extra help? Today’s connections fall into the following categories:

  • Yellow: Credentials for Entry
  • Green: Preside Over
  • Blue: American Football Positions
  • Purple: Postpone

What is the answer of Connections today

  • Credentials for Entry: BADGE, INVITE, PASS, TICKET
  • Preside Over: CHAIR, DIRECT, LEAD, RUN
  • American Football Positions: CENTER, END, SAFETY, TACKLE
  • Postpone: HOLD, PUNT, STALL, TABLE

If you didn’t crack it this time, don’t be disheartened. Tomorrow brings new Connections challenges for you to exercise your mind, and we’ll be here once again to provide guidance with additional useful hints.

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