NYT Connections today: answers and hints for Tuesday, January 2

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Connections is the latest puzzle game from the New York Times. The game tasks you with categorizing a pool of 16 words into four secret (for now) groups by figuring out how the words relate to each other. The puzzle resets every night at midnight and each new puzzle has a varying degree of difficulty. Just like Wordle, you can keep track of your winning streak and compare your scores with friends.

Some days are trickier than others. If you’re having a little trouble solving today’s Connections puzzle, check out our tips and hints below. And if you still can’t get it, we’ll tell you today’s answers at the very end.

How to play Connections

In Connections,

You will encounter a grid displaying 16 words, and your task is to arrange them into four sets of four by identifying the underlying connections that bind them together. These connections might revolve around themes such as titles of video game franchises, sequels in book series, various shades of red, or names of chain restaurants, among others.

While some words may appear to fit multiple themes, only one answer is entirely correct. You have the option to shuffle the grid, rearranging the words to facilitate a clearer view of potential connections.

Each group is assigned a color code, with the yellow group being the easiest to decipher, followed by the green, blue, and purple groups.

Select four words and click “Submit.” A correct answer will remove the four words from the grid, unveiling the connecting theme. An incorrect guess will be counted as a mistake, and you have a total of four mistakes allowed before the game concludes.

Hints for today’s Connections

We can help you solve today’s Connection by telling you the four themes. If you need more assistance, we’ll also give you one word from each group below.

Today’s themes

  • BLT Ingredients
  • Obstruct
  • Baseball Stats
  • Small ____

One-answer reveals

  • BLT Ingredients – Bread
  • Obstruct – Block
  • Baseball Stats – Double
  • Small ____ – Fry
New York Times Connection game logo.
New York Times

Today’s Connections answers

Still no luck? That’s OK. This puzzle is designed to be difficult.  If you just want to see today’s Connections answer, we’ve got you covered below:

  • BLT Ingredients – Bread, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato
  • Obstruct – Block, Clog, Jam, Stop
  • Baseball Stats – Double, Hit, Run , Walk
  • Small ____ – Fry, Talk, Wonder, World

Connections grids vary widely and change every day. If you couldn’t solve today’s puzzle, be sure to check back in tomorrow.

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