Nintendo Has Revealed Mario’s New Voice Actor

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Back in August, Nintendo dropped a bombshell by announcing that the iconic voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, would be stepping away from the role. This revelation sent shockwaves through the gaming community, fueling all sorts of speculations about who would be the new voice behind everyone’s favorite Italian plumber in Super Mario Bros. Wonder trailers. In a surprising twist, Nintendo also clarified that Martinet was not lending his voice to the beloved character, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the successor.

For months, the internet was ablaze with sleuthing, wild guesses, and fervent discussions as fans tried to unravel the mystery. It was a suspenseful time for Mario enthusiasts everywhere. Finally, Nintendo has quelled the curiosity and officially confirmed that Kevin Afghani, renowned as a voice actor in Genshin Impact, has taken on the mantle of Mario’s new voice. It’s a significant change in the Mario universe, and fans are now eager to hear how Afghani will put his own spin on the beloved character.

Amidst the swirling rumors about a potential new voice actor for Mario in Super Mario Bros.: Wonder Trailers, Nintendo dropped a bombshell by revealing that Charles Martinet wouldn’t be lending his voice to our beloved plumber, leaving fans everywhere in suspense regarding the identity of the new Mario. The internet was abuzz with months of speculation, detective work, and wild guesses. But finally, Nintendo officially spilled the beans, confirming that the talented Kevin Afghani, known for his work in Genshin Impact, has taken up the mantle as the new voice behind Mario.

“The voice actor’s name is Kevin Afghani,” Nintendo tells Game Informer in a statement.

Afghani celebrated the news with a tweet today about how excited he is to voice both Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

“Incredibly proud to have voiced Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Thanks to Nintendo for inviting me into the Flower Kingdom.”

Afghani’s credits include Arnold in the aforementioned Genshin Impact, Raditz in Dragon Ball R&R, and Short Detective, General, and Grunt in the Secret History of Cuphead short.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder hits Switch exclusively on October 20. Ahead of its release, Mario graced the cover of the latest issue of Game Informer, and we’ve been diving deep into the making of the game and more in our exclusive Super Mario Bros. Wonder coverage hub. Here are some of the stories you can find in it:

Have you enjoyed Afghani’s Mario voice in Super Mario Bros. Wonder trailers released so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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