Merry Christmas movie review: Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi Starrer Film

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In contrast to the prevalent trend in contemporary cinema, characterized by rushed and fragmented narratives, Merry Christmas takes a deliberate and unhurried approach. Its compelling and fascinating storyline unfolds gradually, maintaining a firm grip on your attention for the most part. While there might be moments of subdued intensity, labeling it as boring would be far from accurate. Merry Christmas belongs to the category of cinema that encourages viewers to lean back, engage deeply, absorb, and analyze the nuances presented.

Merry Christmas Movie Review

A gripping thriller. An enigmatic murder mystery. A suspenseful drama. A intricately woven tale of love with a twist. Writer-director Sriram Raghavan, marking his return five years after his last directorial venture Andhadhun, once again showcases a remarkable example of superb storytelling. In his latest creation, Merry Christmas, the focus extends beyond the unconventional pairing of two distinct actors, Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi. The film ventures into unexplored realms, drawing you into a realm of deceit, death, and shadows.

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Merry Christmas is devoid of thrill

Adapted from Frédéric Dard’s Le Monte-charge, the movie doesn’t flaunt a convoluted screenplay; rather, it maintains a smooth and relaxed narrative flow. The plot unveils its twists and turns gradually, yet they don’t reach extravagant heights and lack that distinct wow factor. In contrast to Andhadhun, where each revelation commanded attention, Merry Christmas subtly downplays its impact in that particular aspect.

While Merry Christmas has its notable moments, they lack the exhilarating thrill typically associated with Raghavan’s work. The revelations in the film don’t evoke shock or amusement; they unfold and conclude without leaving a lasting, awe-inspiring impact. The climax, spanning about 30 minutes, is intense and gripping, but the experimental ending could have been improved, both in terms of writing and storytelling. Nonetheless, it does provoke thought, prompting viewers to interpret it in their own way and fostering a desire to discuss it with a friend later on.

Merry Christmas Movie Story

Merry Christmas unfolds the tale of a consequential Christmas eve, where Albert (Vijay Sethupathi) returns to Mumbai from Dubai, as he claims, only to discover the passing of his mother. Roaming the streets of Bombay (now Mumbai), he indulges himself in a luxurious restaurant. It is there that he encounters Maria (Katrina), who has been left alone by her date due to her bringing her daughter along. Their paths cross, leading to a chance meeting inside a theater. Subsequently, Albert finds himself in Maria’s vintage apartment, unknowingly becoming entangled in a crime scene. While he could escape at any moment, he chooses to stay and assist Maria in unraveling the mysteries surrounding them.

The intoxicating blend of romance within a murder mystery defines the essence of Raghavan’s Merry Christmas, delivering numerous delightful moments. Particularly, the spontaneous dance sequence featuring Vijay and Katrina in her house on Christmas Eve is executed with finesse. Their exuberant dance moves not only showcase their skills but also induce laughter. It’s essential to notice the atmospheric details in this scene—the vibrant green wallpaper, the striking red curtains, the subdued lighting, and the brilliantly lit Christmas tree. Merry Christmas strategically relies on its lighting and the background score (by Daniel B George) to accentuate crucial moments and build suspense.

I appreciated the impactful close-up shots of significant props that remain integral to the storyline. From the opening shot featuring the mixer grinder and spectacles to subsequent scenes with the origami, teddy bear, elevator buttons, aquarium fish, and caged bird, each item becomes a crucial character in Raghavan’s storytelling. In addition to the main and supporting cast, these elements play pivotal roles in shaping the narrative.

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