Godzilla Minus One Crossed Another Milestone to Set New Box Office Record

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The King of the Monsters continues its reign at the box office, managing to break yet another record.

Godzilla Minus One has garnered widespread critical acclaim, earning praise from both critics and audiences. The film has secured a spot on the Academy Awards shortlist in the Best Visual Effects category, heightening the possibility of an Oscar win. Fueled by its impressive ticket sales and accolades, the movie is set for an imminent re-release in Japanese theaters, featuring a black-and-white version premiering on January 12, 2024. While the film continues its success in the United States, the release date for the black-and-white version in the U.S. is yet to be announced.

Godzilla Minus One Box Office Collection

Godzilla Minus One Box Office Global: According to Forbes, Godzilla Minus One has achieved $42 million in domestic ticket sales, coupled with an additional $35 million earned overseas as we approach the New Year’s Eve weekend. Projections indicate that it’s poised to surpass $80 million over the weekend, establishing a new record as the highest-grossing Godzilla film from Japan ever released. The movie is now operating with a considerable profit margin, considering its initial budget was around $15 million. This success exceeds the initial expectations for Godzilla Minus One, originally slated for a more limited release in the United States until heightened fan demand prompted expanded screenings.

According to Box Office Mojo and The Numbers, Godzilla Minus One has earned money in various countries. In the United States and Canada, it made $44,133,401; in Japan, it earned $32,417,350; in Australia, it garnered $993,813; in Germany, it made $204,195; in the Netherlands, it earned $225,061; in Italy, it got $154,198; in New Zealand, it made $180,589; in Norway, it earned $93,889; in Spain, it got $130,975; and in the United Kingdom, it made $1,038,245. Overall, the film has grossed approximately $79,571,716 worldwide, establishing itself as the highest-grossing Japanese Godzilla film ever.

Godzilla Minus One is a monumental kaiju film from 2023 directed, written, and featuring visual effects by Takashi Yamazaki. Produced by Toho Studios and Robot Communications and distributed by Toho, it stands as the 37th installment in the Godzilla franchise.

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Godzilla Minus One Cast

Takashi Yamazaki served as the writer and director of the film, also contributing to the visual effects alongside Kiyoko Shibuya. The late Shūji Abe acted as a producer, alongside Minami Ichikawa, Kenji Yamada, Kazuaki Kishida, Gō Abe, and Keiichirō Moriya. The movie boasts a stellar cast including Ryunosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Yuki Yamada, Munetaka Aoki, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Sakura Ando, and Kuranosuke Sasaki.

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