“Don’t Kill Me”: Israeli Woman’s Plea To Hamas Terrorists Who Kidnapped Her: See video

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Israel Attack News Update: On the internet, a video of a 25-year-old woman being abducted from a peace festival by Hamas terrorists has surfaced. In the upsetting footage, Noa Argamani is seen sitting on the back of a fighter’s motorcycle and pleading for her life.

Gunmen are seen shoving Ms. Argamani away as she cries, “Don’t kill me! Yes, yes, yes. According to the New York Post, her lover Avi Nathan is also seen being abused by the Hamas organization. Apparently missing is also her boyfriend.

They went there to attend a music festival in the southern part of Israel.

See the video here:

In Israel Women and Killed and Paraded by Hamas Terrorists

Israel Attack News: Hamas Killed and Kidnapped many Women

Mr Nathan’s brother Moshe Or reported him as missing, and the emergency teams later notified the family about the video of his and Ms Argamani’s kidnapping.

“We were worried and tried to call. His phone was unavailable and so was hers,” Israel National News reported.

“I can’t imagine what’s going through her mind – screaming in panic, when some scumbags are holding her and not letting her go,” Mr Or said.

Ms. Argamani was described by Amir Moadi as a nice and upbeat person who enjoys traveling. She claimed that Ms. Argamani is an only kid who recently returned from a trip to Sri Lanka. Her parents “can’t even speak because they are in shock.”

The New York Times reports that hundreds of people are reportedly missing after leaving the music festival early on Saturday morning. The people were attempting to flee Palestinian terrorists incoming rockets and gunfire.

Other footage making the rounds on social media showed dead drivers and passengers on a highway, as well as the bodies of several persons wearing military fatigues.

250 persons were killed by gunfire in Israel, according to Magen David Adom emergency medical services, after Palestinian terrorists crossed from the Gaza Strip, AFP reported.

In another video, the hands of an Israeli woman soldier were tied and she was brutally dragged in a van by the members of Hamas.

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