Boult Uncover Astra Neo Tws Earbuds: 70 Hours Playtime at ₹1,099 Rupees

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Gone are the days when wireless earbuds were considered a luxury reserved for a select few. Boult, a prominent consumer tech brand in India, is breaking barriers with its latest offering – the Astra Neo TWS Earbuds, available at a special price of Rs 1,099.


Varun Gupta, Co-Founder of Boult, expresses the brand’s commitment to excellence in audio technology. He highlights how the Astra Neo isn’t solely for gaming enthusiasts but serves as a versatile companion for tech enthusiasts and audiophiles alike.

Proudly made in India, the Astra Neo reflects Boult’s dedication to innovation and delivering top-notch quality to customers.

Price and Availability

The Astra Neo TWS earbuds are up for grabs on Boult’s official website and Flipkart. Priced at a special launch rate of Rs. 1,099, this offer is available for a limited time. Post this period, the earbuds will be available in the market at Rs. 3,499.

Top Specs

Featuring a sleek design, the Astra Neo’s case boasts LED lights for added style. Its comfort grip ensures a seamless user experience. With Zen Quad Mic Environmental Noise Cancellation, users can enjoy clear communication.

Engineered with gamers in mind, the earbuds offer low latency for an immersive gaming experience. Moreover, IPX5 water resistance and dual-device connectivity add to their appeal.


The Astra Neo supports Type-C Fast Charging, delivering 100 minutes of playtime with just 10 minutes of charging. With Bluetooth 5.4 connectivity and minimal latency of 40ms in gaming mode, users can indulge in uninterrupted entertainment.


Boult’s Astra Neo TWS Earbuds are more than just a pair of earphones; they represent a revolution in audio technology. With a perfect blend of affordability, style, and top-notch performance, these earbuds cater to a diverse range of users, be it gamers, audiophiles, or tech enthusiasts.

Boult’s Astra Neo TWS Earbuds epitomize affordability, style, and performance. Whether you’re a gamer, audiophile, or tech enthusiast, these earbuds promise to elevate your audio experience to new heights.

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