Ather 450X Gen-3: Redefining Electric Scooters in India

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Ather Energy stands out as a pioneering force in India’s electric scooter market, renowned for its commitment to high-performance electric vehicles (EVs) coupled with premium craftsmanship and cutting-edge features. Among its impressive lineup, the Ather 450X Gen-3 emerges as a flagship model, promising to revolutionize the landscape of electric mobility in the country.

Riding Cost Efficiency

The Ather 450X offers unparalleled cost efficiency in daily commuting. With an exemplary speed and range, complemented by a judicious electricity consumption rate, users enjoy a remarkably low monthly riding cost, making it an economically viable option for urban commuters.

Performance and Range

The Ather 450X features a powerful 3300W BLDC hub motor and offers two battery options – 3.7kWh and 2.9kWh. With a top speed of 90km/h and a range of 111km to 150km, it ensures exhilarating rides and extended journeys.

Luxurious Features and Design

The Ather 450X Gen-3 epitomizes luxury and sophistication in the EV domain. Boasting a sleek and sporty design, it captivates riders with its aesthetic appeal. The centerpiece of its allure is the 7″ TFT touchscreen display, offering seamless integration with smartphones for navigation, music, and other functionalities. Furthermore, the scooter is equipped with GPS, music player, speakers, and OTA updates, elevating the riding experience to unprecedented levels of convenience and entertainment.

Advanced Technology and Safety

Underpinning its performance is a suite of advanced technological features designed to ensure both rider satisfaction and safety. From telescopic suspension and single rear shock absorber to front and rear disc brakes with a combined braking system, the Ather 450X prioritizes stability and control. Additionally, it incorporates hill assist, cruise control, and auto indicators, enhancing maneuverability and safety during rides.

Price and EMI Plan

Despite its premium quality and advanced features, the Ather 450X remains competitively priced, making it accessible to a wider audience. With a down payment option and convenient EMI plans over a specified period, prospective buyers can acquire this state-of-the-art electric scooter without financial strain.


Ather 450X Gen-3 is a game-changer in India’s EV market, setting benchmarks for performance, range, luxury, and affordability. It embodies the future of urban mobility with cutting-edge technology, cost efficiency, and stylish design. Ather Energy’s innovation drives the paradigm shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, shaping a greener and smarter future.

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