Aquaman 2 Box Office (Worldwide): Jason Momoa Starrer Is All Set To Hit $400 Million 

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Aquaman 2 Box Office: Aquaman 2 had another successful weekend at the box office, managing to hold its ground against other competing films. Initially, there were doubts about its performance compared to The Marvels, but it has proven to be on track for a solid overall run. In fact, it is poised to reach an impressive milestone soon at the global box office. Stay tuned for further updates!

James Wan directed Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, which premiered in the United States and Canada on December 22nd. However, it had an early release in China on December 20th. Despite receiving negative reviews from critics upon its release, the film has not experienced a significant decline in performance at the box office. Surprisingly, the theatrical run has been relatively stable, with consistent increases in attendance during the weekends.

Aquaman 2 Worldwide Box Office

During its third weekend in theaters, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom earned $30.3 million, marking a 40% decrease from the previous weekend. However, it still managed to achieve a respectable figure. According to Box Office Mojo, the film has now grossed $334.82 million globally. The domestic box office contributed $100.02 million, while the overseas box office brought in $234.80 million.

Aquaman 2 is scheduled to release in Japan next weekend and will help the film increase its worldwide tally. The first Aquaman installment did a business of $14.80 million in Japan, so it’ll be interesting to see how part 2 performs.

Aquaman 2 Domestic Box Office

At first, there were concerns that Aquaman 2 might suffer a disappointing end at the North American box office, failing to surpass $100 million following The Marvels. However, the movie has now successfully crossed the $100 million mark domestically and is expected to earn a few more million before concluding its run. Currently, its total stands at $100.02 million.

Marvel’s Echo Release Date

Achievement of entering the $400 million club

Despite a lackluster showing, Aquaman 2 is poised to achieve a significant global milestone in the coming weeks. For those unaware, none of the DCEU films released after the original Aquaman in 2018 have surpassed the $400 million mark. Therefore, it will be a four-year gap before the franchise finally adds a film to the $400 million club.

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