10 Horror Movies Delving into the Depths of Sexuality

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Best Romantic Horror movie of All Time: Sexuality stands as a pivotal element that has played a defining role in the evolution of horror. Whether it’s the alluring vampire bites that continue to captivate audiences or the portrayal of cannibalism as a manifestation of intense love, as seen in recent films like “Bones and All,” horror movies consistently carry a significant level of sexual tension.

Trailblazers such as “Psycho” and “Dracula” have laid the foundation for this sub-genre, challenging societal norms in an era where the exploration of sex in cinema, especially in relation to women, was met with repression.

10 Best Romantic Horror Movie

While mental health and trauma are two of the most tackled topics in horror, gender and sexuality do not fall far behind. This proves that, when combined with captivating dramatic narratives, the fan-favorite genre can be so much more than its chilling jumpscares and unsettling atmospheres. From The Love Witch to The Handmaiden, these are some of the best romantic horror movie.

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10. ‘The Love Witch’ (2016)

Often overlooked but deserving of more love, “The Love Witch” is a creative film with stunning visuals. The story follows Elaine Park (played by Samantha Robinson), a modern-day witch who uses spells and magic to make men fall in love with her, leading to disastrous results.

Directed by the talented Anna Biller, this must-see movie has a stylized charm, making it perfect for a cozy fall watch. It beautifully captures a vintage look rarely seen in modern films. With immersive storytelling and retro production design, “The Love Witch” is a captivating sexual thriller, mystical horror, and, in a way, a fantastic love letter to 1960s cinema.

9. ‘Ginger Snaps’ (2000)

The Canadian movie Ginger Snaps, featuring Emily Perkins and Katherine Isabelle, revolves around two dark sisters whose bond is challenged when Ginger is attacked and bitten by a strange creature. As they deal with the tragic consequences, John Fawcett’s film blends horror and drama, exploring themes of sisterhood, loyalty, and womanhood. It also emphasizes puberty and female teenage sexual awakening, serving as a compelling exaggeration of the repercussions of misguided sexual desire. Undoubtedly, Ginger Snaps remains a standout werewolf (and teen) film.

8. ‘Hellraiser’ (1987)

leased just last year, Hellraiser remains a popular horror franchise. The first film is often hailed as a classic, with Clive Barker directing. In this movie, a woman (Clare Higgins) discovers her sexually deviant brother-in-law’s (Sean Chapman) recently revived body. To help him escape demonic creatures pursuing him from their underworld, she resorts to killing.

While Hellraiser may not appeal to everyone, it’s an undoubtedly stylish and captivating 1980s film. It is particularly recognized for its exploration of sadomasochism and pain as a source of pleasure. Despite its niche appeal, the Clive Barker film is rich in sexual undertones, delivering a thought-provoking message on sexual liberation.

7. ‘It Follows’ (2014)

Many people love “It Follows” and consider it a best romantic horror movie. A sequel is in the works. The movie by David Robert Mitchell follows a 19-year-old woman (played by Maika Monroe) who experiences strange visions of a supernatural force after a sexual encounter.

Similar to last year’s unsettling horror film “Smile,” where the main character is haunted by a sinister presence, “It Follows” has become a fan favorite. Its unique story and creepy atmosphere have grabbed the attention of many. Essentially, David Robert Mitchell’s visually appealing horror film explores themes of innocence loss and emerging sexuality. It also subtly addresses sexual assault, as the unknown entity is passed on through sexual intercourse from one victim to another.

6. ‘Under the Skin’ (2013)

Scarlett Johansson delivers one of her finest performances in this visually striking arthouse horror sci-fi mystery. The film revolves around an extraterrestrial who takes on the guise of a young woman, seducing lonely men into her van during the Scottish night.

With a captivating and creative premise, Jonathan Glazer’s R-rated “Under the Skin” explores significant themes like self and gender identity. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea and some may find it a bit slow, Glazer’s film is worth a look. Its absorbing visuals and eerie atmosphere create an unforgettable viewing experience. Notably, the film’s handling of male-female sexual dynamics sheds light on feminist themes, adding another layer of depth.

5. ‘Titane’ (2021)

Titane follows the journey of a girl who suffers a major head injury as a child, leading to a titanium plate being implanted in her skull. As Alexia (Agathe Rousselle) grows up, she takes a job at a car show to confront her traumatic experience with cars. Additionally, she develops an unusual and strange attraction to automobiles over time.

Directed skillfully by French filmmaker Julia Ducournau, this shocking horror film, a winner of the Palme d’Or, presents a unique premise that delves into universal themes, including family dynamics. One of its most distinctive aspects is its exploration of sexuality and its connection to deep-seated trauma. Infused with surrealist elements and boasting top-notch cinematography, this body horror is a must-watch. It’s also worth mentioning that Ducournau’s previous film, Raw, aligns with similar themes.

4. ‘X’ (2022)

X immediately comes to mind in discussions about horror films that delve into sexuality. Ti West’s first film in the franchise follows a group of young filmmakers heading to an elderly couple’s rural Texas property to make an adult film, only to face threats from the peculiar couple.

West’s film is a noteworthy a horror film with a focus on aging and eroticism, especially through the protagonist’s demeanor and the sexually repressed elderly woman. Serving as a homage to 1970s horror, it stands out as one of the most compelling A24 horror films in recent times and among the best horrors of the 2020s. With its generous share of gruesome scenes, including bloody moments and explicit content, the film is a solid choice for fans of gory slashers. Similar to X, Pearl is also a significant example of sexuality in the genre.

3. ‘Thirst’ (2009)

This unique and underrated vampire movie is a quirky, excellent creation from a talented filmmaker. Thirst tells the story of a failed medical experiment involving a priest (Song Kang-ho). Afflicted with vampirism and transformed into a bloodthirsty creature, he is compelled to abandon his ascetic lifestyle.

Both gory and sensual, this stylish R-rated South Korean film is a must-watch for those who view vampirism as a metaphor for social desires. It offers a refreshing twist to the genre, providing an unconventional take on the vampire myth. Thirst is among the most unsettling South Korean psychological horrors, and its erotic elements add an extra layer of appeal and uniqueness.

2. ‘Black Swan’ (2010)

Starring Natalie Portman in her Oscar-winning role, Black Swan is a captivating film exploring mental health in a fascinating way. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, it follows a talented but mentally unstable ballerina on the brink of stardom. Constantly pushed to her limits by her abusive artistic director (Vincent Cassell) and seductive rival (Mila Kunis), the movie takes the audience on a “descend into a nightmare” journey, offering a memorable viewing experience. Aronofsky’s surrealistic direction and outstanding performances contribute to the film’s incredible appeal. Additionally, Black Swan delves into sexual undertones, touching on repressed sexuality and womanhood.

1. ‘The Handmaiden’ (2016)

The second film by Park Chan-wook in this list tells the exciting story of a young pickpocket recruited by a conman to seduce, marry, and leave a wealthy woman, taking her money. The girl works as her handmaiden, but complications arise when feelings develop between the two women.

Originally based on Sarah Waters’ 2002 novel “Fingersmith” (with the setting changed from Victorian-era Britain to Korea under Japanese colonial rule), The Handmaiden is a fantastic LGBT period drama featuring a queer relationship. Categorized as both an erotic thriller and psychological horror, The Handmaiden is a passionate tale of forbidden love that explores themes of sexual liberation.

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